Brooklyn Parrots is a project by Stephen Carl Baldwin. The site shares news about the wild Quaker Parrots of Brooklyn, provides a historical log of incidents related to them, and discusses the parrots. You can reach Brooklyn Parrots directly by sending email to steve at

Academic Photo Requests
I am usually very happy to grant permission any photographic images on this site whose usage rights I control to researchers investigating the wild parrots. Please e-mail me in advance with a list of the photos you plan to use, what they're for, etc. Sometimes I have higher-resolution images available that might better serve your presentation.

Presentations and Personal Tours
I've lectured at bird groups in Brooklyn, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Long Island. So let me know if you'd like me to speak at your bird group. Groups usually enjoy what I have to say about the parrots. I usually bring a computer with me for PowerPoints and audio samples. If you have a projector with VGA input handy, great.

Stand-Up Comedy
I've done my "Wild Parrot Shtik" a few times in New York. Note: this is not a pet act -- it's more a "mad bird professor" thing.

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