Sunday, March 16, 2014

Treacherous NY Winter Fails to Dislodge Wild Parrots From Brooklyn

Today was the first nice Saturday in a long time. But I almost dreaded going outside, because I have neither seen nor heard from Brooklyn's wild parrots for several months. I've seen sparrows, starlings, crows, plenty of gulls, and a few raptors, and all of them looked miserable.

Because my thinking tends toward the catastrophic, I've been worried that this past winter might be just too much for the birds. Were this to be the case, I might as well leave Brooklyn -- after all, I came here because of the parrots.

But low and behold, around five o'clock, in Bay Ridge, I heard what sounded like a machine with sand in its gears. It was, of course, a bunch of parrots having an argument. I looked up and one of the parrots flew right down and landed next to me on a metal railing.

The parrot didn't say anything -- he just gave me one of those stern Brooklyn looks that indicated "we've been here all the time, buddy -- where the heck have YOU been?" Then he flew off and went back to work.

These parrots aren't going anywhere.
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