Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Long Island Wild Monk Parakeets Get Some Airtime on CBS

WCBS News recently devoted some air time to the wild Monk Parakeets (AKA Quakers) of Long Island. The video sequence (which unfortunately you can't get to without watching a few commercials) has some nice shots of the Amityville Monks, plus some apt quotes from locals, particularly the statement that the parrots sound like "40 women having a coffee klatch in the morning." It' s almost always good when the major media do a sequence on our wild parrots. Not to be picky, but the story does have one glaring inaccuracy: the Monks aren't "tropical," they're subtropical, which explains why they can survive in New York's multi-season climate.

By Steve Baldwin

Sunday, October 06, 2013

The Kea: The World's Smartest Parrot?

Image courtesy Wikipedia
With no disrespect intended to the wild Quaker Parrots of Brooklyn, whose intelligence and engineering abilities have impressed the public, let us behold David Attenborough's BBC documentary on New Zealand's Kea -- a mischievous, wildly intelligent parrot capable of solving just about any kind of puzzle that humankind throws in its way.