Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wild Parrots Thrive When Feral Cats Are Controlled

The Abaco Parrot - closely related to the Cuban Amazon Parrot - is making a big comeback on Bahamian islands of Abaco and Great Inagua, thanks to a conservation program incorporating feral cat control, according to an article on the site of

The Abaco is especially vulnerable to feral cats because it is a ground-nesting parrot. Thanks to these new efforts, population has rebounded, and the future of the species looks brighter than it has in years.

Predating cats don't present much of a problem to Brooklyn's wild parrots, where nests are situated far above the areas where feral cats predate. But they are huge killers of birds generally -- in the U.S. alone, cats allowed by humans to roam freely kill more than 1 million birds each day - that's 7,000 per minute. Worldwide the toll is much greater.

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Pennsylvania Woman Sues PA Game Commission For Quaker Parrot Seizure

Monk parakeets (AKA Quaker Parrots) are illegal to own in many states, including Pennsylvania, where the Pennsylvania Game Commission is notorious for entering homes without search warrants, seizing pet parrots, and carting them off for immediate euthanization.

I presented at a Pennsylvania bird club several years ago, and was shocked to learn that some Quaker Parrot owners in Pennsylvania are so terrified of the Game Commission's intimidating tactics that they use code words  when describing their pets in public places or on the telephone.

But a 63-year old Youngwood, PA woman is fighting back, after authorities went to her home and seized her pet Quaker, Gizmo, after being "tipped off" by an informant. She is suing the state and insisting on the bird's safe return, according to the web site

At last word, Gizmo is still alive, but state officials have not disclosed his location, which is very worrisome. Let us hope that reason prevails against hysteria in the State of Pennsylvania, however futile such a hope might be.