Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wild Parrots Thrive When Feral Cats Are Controlled

The Abaco Parrot - closely related to the Cuban Amazon Parrot - is making a big comeback on Bahamian islands of Abaco and Great Inagua, thanks to a conservation program incorporating feral cat control, according to an article on the site of

The Abaco is especially vulnerable to feral cats because it is a ground-nesting parrot. Thanks to these new efforts, population has rebounded, and the future of the species looks brighter than it has in years.

Predating cats don't present much of a problem to Brooklyn's wild parrots, where nests are situated far above the areas where feral cats predate. But they are huge killers of birds generally -- in the U.S. alone, cats allowed by humans to roam freely kill more than 1 million birds each day - that's 7,000 per minute. Worldwide the toll is much greater.

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