Friday, August 30, 2013

Radio Station Asks: Where Are the Wild Parrots of Chicago?

Myiopsitta Monachus (Monk Parakeet) in Chicago
Back in 2006, when Brooklyn Parrots made a trip to Chicago to report on the Wild Parrots of Chicago, the birds were easy to find in Harold Washington Park.

Today, however, they've become more elusive. While Myiopsitta Monachus is classified as a "sedentary species," that doesn't mean they don't move around. In the wild, they'll patrol up to 20 miles, and are known to send foraging parties around to favorite feeding locations in Brooklyn.

In Chicago, the parrots seem to have moved off from their old home base in Washington Park, dispersing to outlying areas within Chicago. While local residents have called in many individual sightings to radio station WBEZ, nobody seems to know where the parrots actually hang.

If you've seen a parrot in Chicago - call the station. If you know where the nests are, my advice is to use discretion. Sometimes these parrots have suffered from too much publicity.

To learn more about what's new with the Chicago wild parrot flock - a hardy crew that have been living in the Windy City for 40 years - visit the site of WBEZ, where, thanks to Tricia Bobeda and a flock of talented producers, an in-depth feature on the mysterious green birds can be found.

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