Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Rare Night Parrot Reportedly Spotted, Photographed

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The Night Parrot - an extremely rare member of the parrot family known for its wary elusiveness, has reportedly been photographed in the western Queensland part of Australia, according to the web site of the Australian Geographic Society. Night Parrots have been almost impossible to photograph -- or even see -- by humans, with none being visually identified between 1912 and 1979. In the past few years, however, more evidence has been accumulated that this nocturnal, ground-walking, grass-eating parrot, once thought to be extinct, is still alive, although its population is thought to be as small as 50 birds.

There is much concern that this extraordinary discovery might lead to unauthorized human attempts to view the Night Parrot, thus disrupting its routine and possibly endangering its existence, which remains precarious. For this reason the location of the night parrot is being kept a secret. Explorer John Young, who sometime this past May photographed the Night Parrot a few minutes after midnight, has reportedly said that he would "rather go to jail than tell anyone where I found it,," according to the web site of The Australian newspaper."The last thing I want to see is hundreds of people out there with night lights," said Young.
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