Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Look Out: The Mockingbirds Are Strafing Brooklyn

Image Source: The New York Times
Over in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, a local mockingbird has been terrorizing residents with aerial strafing attacks, and The New York Times has the story. Mockingbirds are fiercely protective creatures and if you've ever been "buzzed" by one of them, you're probably walking too close to the bird's nest, which are often well concealed in hedges.

Mockingbirds rank near the the bottom of the canonical list of Annoying Urban Birds compiled by William D. Fitzwater in his 1988 treatise, Solutions to Urban Bird Problems. This is likely because the birds only seem to go ballistic in mid-summer, when their young are vulnerable.

Do yourself a favor and take another route home -- the craziness should pass in a week or so, according to The Times.

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