Thursday, January 17, 2013

Parrot Drives Car

BirdBuggy - a beak-directed, robotically-assisted, parrot-driven vehicle that was designed to keep a pet African Grey amused, has taken the Internet by storm. Some question the wisdom of taking this much trouble to keep a parrot amused. After all, African Greys can fly -- so why do they need to drive? Aren't there less elaborate ways of keeping one's parrot amused?

Sure. But driving is fun -- and Pepper the parrot, who drives the BirdBuggy, seems to be having plenty of it.

Let us praise Andrew Gray, of the University of Florida, who created the BirdBuggy, and Pepper, its intrepid driver. May the BirdBuggy land Andrew a job as well as a medal for creating 2013's first parrot viral video.

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