Thursday, November 15, 2012

Report From Staten Island

What happened on Staten Island remains unreported. There have been so many deaths -- today I was told by the wife of a NY Fireman that the count is "in the hundreds" but because so many of the dead lacked papers, we may never know the real count. 

I think tomorrow (11/15) after the President visits the hardest-hit areas of SI, the pages will begin to unfold and the stories will start to be told. You can't walk for five minutes on SI without hearing a new story from someone who lost every dear thing - every single proof that they ever lived on this planet. 

These folks are shell-shocked and I found myself, several times today after hearing their stories, unable to speak, unable to offer any assurance that things will be all right again. I couldn't cry, any more than they could -- I just shared their emptiness.

If you've lost someone closest to you you'll know a bit about how this feels -- this dead feeling -- the world grinds on, and no one cares. Yes, the media narrative will eventually become "Staten Island comes back" but the reality is that there are people who will never come back.They are too old, or too uninsured, or too sick, to ever "come back." 

But never doubt that by going out there -- by simply bearing witness -- by just listening -- that you haven't made a difference. You have made perhaps the biggest difference that can be made in this world.

If you want to be be part of the recovery effort, please visit If for some reason you can't get through, call me, at 347-542-2264. If this line is busy, please send a text.
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