Friday, August 24, 2012

Will NJ Reclassify "Potentially Dangerous" Parrots?

Quaker Parrots are considered a "potentially dangerous
species" in the State of New Jersey.
As reported in by Melissa L. Kauffman, New Jersey Assembly Bill 3044 has advanced to the Assembly Agriculture and Natural Resource Committee. This bill -- if made law -- would remove Quaker Parrots from the state's list of "potentially dangerous species" and offer them some measure of protection. Bill 3044 is not the first pro-Quaker bill introduced in the NJ State Assembly. Others have preceded it but have expired without vote, making continual reintroductions necessary. Let us hope that NJ lawmakers can decide on the issue once and for all, and remove the "potentially dangerous" stigma from the wild Quaker Parrots residing there.

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