Friday, August 24, 2012

Wild Parrots Unwelcome Guests in United Arab Emerites

An article in the UAE online newspaper The National covers the war that is going on between officials in Dubai and the wild parrots of the Rose Winged parakeet family (Psittacula krameri) that live in that city. 

If Dubai officials are to be believed, the wild parrots are trashing the city. According to Dr. Reza Khan, of the Dubai Zoo, the parrots "are one the worst birds in the country," they're causing massive infrastructure damage in the city, and they need to be wiped out. Others believe that he has overstated the threat the parrots pose to Dubai's economy. According to Abdullah TP, a local resident, “They are funny birds who don’t make too much noise but can talk and sing. They are good pets.”

Before we all pile on and condemn Dubai officials as being wretchedly backward, we should remember that it wasn't long ago that U.S. officials "declared war" against the monk parakeets. Dubai isn't the first city to have a wild parrot problem; let us hope that city officials realize there are other methods of control besides killing them. 

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