Friday, August 24, 2012

Wild Parrots Invade Austin, Texas

Wild Quaker Parrot calling to mates.
A recent report from the Adams House BB blog confirms widespread rumors that wild Quaker Parrots are busily colonizing Austin, Texas. 

Texas has long been home to a large population of wild parrots but this is the most detailed report I've seen so far about the Quakers' efforts to set up a large residency in Austin. 

According to the Blog author, Austin is now home to some 700 wild parrots residing in up to 65 nests. These nests are situated "mostly in cellphone towers, telephone poles and sports facility light poles." 

Let's hope that the local utility companies practice enlightened parrot control methods and that Austin residents -- who are a musical lot -- appreciate the Quakers' raucous noise-making.

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