Sunday, August 26, 2012

Big Flock of Endangered Swift Parrots Gives Hope to Parrot Conservationists

A Swift Parrot (photo credit: Australian Geographic
More than half of the estimated 2,000 Swift Parrots (Lathamus discolour) left in the world converged recently on the Bordella Forests in New South Wales, reports the website of the Australian Geographic Society. This gathering is good news for those seeking to save the swift parrot, whose habitat has been disturbed by logging. Michael Saxon, of NSW Office of Environment and Heritage Biodiversity, notes "It makes us optimistic to see a thousand birds. It is a reasonable indication that there has been no dramatic decline in the population but that it is staying stable".

The large parrot flock apparently gathered to enjoy the abundance of spotted gum trees in the Bordella Forests. The trees offer nectar for the parrots. "There is a true mystery of how they know about this unusual circumstance of these quantities of nectar," reports Mr. Saxon.

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