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Monday, February 22, 2010

Letters Urgently Needed to Protect Quakers via NYS Bill: S.4131

PERMISSION TO CROSS-POST (Note I did not write the following letter but am reposting it: please cross-post if you care!)

An urgent situation has arisen regarding the wild Quaker parrots of New York State. A letter from Frank S. Scaduto, Legislative Director to State Senator Joseph Addabbo, has requested immediate help from animal organizations in NY via letters of support for bill S.4131. This bill would grant Quaker parrots legal protection in NY. As things now stand, they are unprotected by law and therefore subject to trapping and extermination- -both of which do take place.

I've written a sample letter, attached. Please feel free to change a word or two and send it on behalf of the Quaker parrots. This is a critical time for them--please, don't let them down. Currently, nests are intentionally destroyed in winter, as these birds cannot survive without the warmth of their communal habitats. They also destroy them in spring--killing all the babies. It's horrible. The birds are often gassed.

Please mail/fax/email to the following people, detailed at the end of Frank Scaduto's comments below. For the parrots--thank you so much for caring!

Mr. Scaduto has written:

"Okay, received some feedback from Senate Environmental Conservation Committee. The Committee had stated they are receiving opposition against the bill and no support from organizations in favor of the bill. What I need from you and other organizations is a letter or a memo in support for this bill, detailing reasons in a one page format why you are a supporter of the bill and what the bill will do for New York State.

The opposition is based on two reasons: (1.) The bill addresses an invasive species, and (2.) If the bill were to pass, other individuals will be inclined to protect other invasive species, whereby 'opening the floodgates' so to speak. The letters/memos in support should answer both of these concerns.

I would encourage you to do this ASAP so I can persuade the Committee to hear the bill, and to either fax or email a copy to my email address (if by fax, its 518-426-6875; email is scaduto@senate. state.ny. us). Please reach out to other groups who would favor this bill. The Senate Environmental Conservation Committee needs to hear your voices.

In addition to faxing/emailing me support letters/memos, address them to Senator Antoine Thompson by fax (518-426-6969) , email (athompso@senate. state.ny. us), or mail (902 LOB; Albany, NY 12247). Each support memo/letter should reference S.4131 (Addabbo) and your reasons for support of this bill and its passage.

Thanks for your advocacy behind the bill and I look forward to pushing the Committee to entertain and move the bill.

Frank S. Scaduto, Legislative Director

Office of NYS Sen. Joseph P. Addabbo, Jr.

15th Senate District

815 L.O.B.

Albany, NY 12247

(P): 518-455-2321

(F): 518-426-6875



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