Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Wild Quaker Parrots Appear in Amityville, Long Island

Amityville's wild parrots' nesting site
appears to be atop an old communications
tower. Photo by 
Dr. Jud Newborn.
Amityville, Long Island, might appear to be an unlikely place to find wild parrots, but it appears that several birds have set up shop in a beach-side communications tower. These parrots are definitely Quakers, and quite possibly are distantly related to the flock that escaped from JFK airport nearly 40 years ago. Previous sightings of similar parrots on Long Island include reports from Lynbrook, Oceanside, and now, Amityville.

Thanks to Dr. Jud Newborn, who served as Founding Historian and Curator of the Museum of Jewish Heritage (1986-2000) and is now an independent author and lecturer. Jud took the photos you see in this story and we are grateful for his permission to reproduce them on

A pair of wild Long Island parrots perch
on a guy wire adjacent to their well-crafted
condo nest. Photo by 
Dr. Jud Newborn.

A suburban wild parrot peers out of a
nest carefully crafted out of twigs. 
Photo by Dr. Jud Newborn.

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