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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving From

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Friday, November 21, 2008

About Those Park Slope Parrots...

About Those Park Slope Parrots...
An article (with a nice photograph) appeared on today showing a group of wild Quaker Parrots (AKA Monk Parakeets or "Brooklyn Parrots") gathered in a tree in Park Slope. The subject also appeared in one of's forum areas.

Just to be clear: the parrots that are appearing in Park Slope appear to be visitors from Sunset Park: their main nest compound is located in Green-Wood Cemetery but like many Brooklynites, they like to get around, and Park Slope is a great place to visit, given its many beautiful trees (wild parrots like to munch on leafbuds this time of year and throughout the winter). This has been going on for some time (see "Teenage Parrots Invading Park Slope?" for more information).

For more on the "Sunset Park/Park Slope Parrots," see items related to the Green-Wood Cemetery Parrots.

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Stanford, CT Builds Monk Parrots "Subsidized Housing" During Stadium Light Renovation Project

A Wild Quaker Parrot on Guard at a Human-Constructed Monk Bunker
A Wild Quaker Parrot on Guard at a Human-Built "Monk Bunker" in Connecticut. Photo by Marc Johnson

Thanks to the input of Quaker Parrot experts from the Wildlife Orphanage and Southern Connecticut State University, wild parrots displaced by an $88,000 light replacement project in Stamford's Cummings Park will be able to use temporary "monk bunkers" while work proceeds, according to an article in the Stamford Advocate.

While it's always traumatic to see these nests torn down, it's great to see these projects being conducted at a time of year when the young have had time to fledge but before the onset of cold weather.

Even those supervising the teardown work have been impressed by the quality of the monks' construction work, as evinced by the comment of Joseph Barbarotta, who noted that the monk parakeets "must have a head engineer" to produce such impressive structures. For this reason, Monk Parakeets are widely known as the Master Architects of the Bird World.

Thanks to Wynne Parry, the author of this story, for sending it our way.

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Monk Parakeet Science Marches On!

 Monk Parakeet Science Marches On!
ScienceBlogs has posted an informative article on the DNA composition of the Northeast U.S.A.'s wild monk parakeets (AKA Quaker Parrots). There are four subspecies of monks which range across South America. Only one subspecies (called monachus01), which hale originally from Argentina and Uraguay, dominate in the Northeast, although a distinct subspecies (monachus02) has been sampled in Edgewater, New Jersey.This suggests that the original birds whose descendants live throughout the Northeast were supplied by a limited set of exotic bird traffickers. For more on the origin of these remarkable creatures, read What Are Wild Parrots Doing in Brooklyn?

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Monday, November 10, 2008

Quaker News From All Over: Hero Parrot Saves Toddler's Life in Denver

Quaker News From All Over: Hero Parrot Saves Toddler's Life in Denver Meet Willie, a vigilant Quaker Parrot who saved a little girl's life the other day. Willie quickly raised the alarm by repeatedly hollering "Momma Baby!" after Hannah, a 2-year old in the household, choked on some food. Hannah's babysitter heard the ruckus and came to the rescue, saving Hannah and proving once again that Quakers are remarkably intelligent, caring creatures.

There's an under-reported aspect to this story related to the war that many U.S. states (and the Federal government) have waged on these wonderful birds in the past: Quaker Parrots are classified as "Illegal Avians" in Colorado (and 13 other states, including New Jersey). As one commenter on a bird board noted, "If Colorado was strict with their laws about banning Quakers this little girl would probably be dead now. "

Anyway, let's all give three big cheers for Willie, the Hero Quaker Parrot!

You can read more about this story and watch an online video clip at the, the site of WCBS Denver.

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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Smokey The Parrot Says It All


Our New President Will Be Wild Parrot-Friendly

Would Barack Obama Be a Parrot-Friendly President?Chicago resident Jason M. South recounts the time that Chicago Mayor Harold Washington defended the wild Monk Parakeets (AKA Quaker Parrots) inhabiting Hyde Park from various forces allied against them back in the 1980s. I'm sure that our new president has heard them chattering in the trees during his residence in that storied neighborhood. While this fact in itself cannot guarantee a "parrot-friendly" administration, president Obama's expressed fondness for Harold Washington augers well for Chicago's wild parrot flocks.

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