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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

"Brooklyn Based" Blog Covers the Brooklyn "Boids"

Nicole Davis, editor of a nice Brooklyn-based Blog and E-Mail newsletter called, interviewed me last week about Brooklyn's famed wild parrots. It's a nice article that sums up this project very well.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

New Pro-Parrot Music Video: The Little Green Parrots From the Argentine

The somewhat musical outfit known as The Brooklyn Parrots has been making raucous noise in the past few weeks: their latest effort is called The Little Green Parrots From The Argentine and it's now online.

Lyrics: The Little Green Parrots From The Argentine
Copyright 2007 Steve Baldwin/The Brooklyn Parrots

Lots of people think the Quakers are a pain in the neck
And the Audubon Society wants to send them back
To Argentina, where they came from long ago
They're shaking and quaking all over the nation
But you know, I think it's so fine
We've got the little green parrots from the Argentine

Illuminating companies try to wipe them out
So the parrot-loving people got to scream and shout
And say you don't go taking our birds now, don't you know
You're a big bad corporation
But you know we're drawing the line
With the little green parrots from the Argentine (Let's Quake!)

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

News Notes: Pigeons to Blame for Minneapolis Bridge Collapse?

Pigeons to Blame for Minneapolis Bridge Collapse?A report at cites the possibility that pigeon dung (AKA "guano") may have been an important factor in the recent collapse of the I35W bridge in Minneapolis.

Why bring this up here? Well, because uninformed people may use this finding as another "fear factor" in denouncing Quaker Parrots who nest in steel infrastructure. In fact, however, Quaker Parakeet "dung" is chemically different from pigeon dung and does not share its corrosive properties. Just ask the folks who run Green-Wood Cemetery. After the Quaker Parrots replaced the pigeons nesting in the cemetery's main gates, corrosion to this historic brownstone structure was halted.

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Meet in St. Louis!

Brooklyn Parrots on NBCThanks to the generosity of the Quaker Parakeet Society, I will be appearing in St. Louis, MO this Saturday, August 25th, to present at the annual meeting of QPS, held in conjunction with The Gateway Parrot Club's Annual Hookbill Festival. My talk will be about our remarkable "illegal avians" and will include plenty of multimedia action, so if you're going to be there, I'd love to meet you and/or your parrot. More details are available at the Quaker Parakeet Society site.

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Monday, August 20, 2007

Quaker Parrot Stamps Back in Stock!

Quaker Parrot Patriotic StampI've been getting e-mails from folks who are disappointed that the Quaker Parrot Stamps provided by Cafe Press have been discontinued. To fix this sorry situation, I am now using Zazzle to make the stamps, and have created two: the first being the time-honored "Quaker Parrot Patriotic Stamp;" the second using the "I Love You" design featured on my most popular Quaker Parrot mug.

Wild Quaker Parrot I Love You StampThese stamps are honored by the U.S. Postal Service and are sure to be a big hit with your fellow Quaker Parrot fans. If you have any requests for other Quaker Parrot photo stamps, please send me e-mail.


Friday, August 17, 2007

Breaking News: Wild "Teenage" Parrots Invading Park Slope!

Brooklyn Parrots on NBCDana Rubinstein of The Brooklyn Paper has written a good story on the wild Quaker Parrots which have recently been sighted in Park ASlope for the first time. My theory is that these birds are "teenage" parrots which likely came from Green-Wood Cemetery. Let's hope that the human residents of Park Slope take a shine to them!


Aug 18th UPDATE: I walked the hypothetical route of the Park Slope Parrots on Saturday. Interestingly, there are at least three apple trees on this route. While I did not see any parrots eating these apples, a group of about 20 sparrows and starlings were feasting on fallen fruit. Wild Quaker Parrots love apples, the fruit is ripening on the trees, and this may explain the recent explosion of wild parrot sightings in Park Slope.

But questions remain. Are these parrots merely visiting Park Slope, or do they intend to command real estate there, perhaps in one of the neighborhood's many beautiful trees. Is this truly a wild parrot incursion or merely an apple-themed excursion? Stay tuned.

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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Brooklyn Parrots Survive Devastating Tornado!

Damage from Bay Ridge Tornado, Brooklyn, NY, August 9, 2007
Yesterday's Brooklyn Tornado devastated Bay Ridge's Leif Ericson Park, the home of a flock of wild Quaker Parrots.

A freak category EF2 tornado devastated parts of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, yesterday. While no one was killed, the storm damage was extensive. Naturally, I wanted to see whether Bay Ridge's famous wild parrots survived the terrific storm, which boasted 135MPH winds.

Damage from Bay Ridge Tornado, Brooklyn, NY, August 9, 2007
This morning, I walked East past Leif Ericson's Park. The damage to trees was terrible, and I was very concerned that the parrot nests on the East side of the park might have been wrecked as well.

Damage from Bay Ridge Tornado, Brooklyn, NY, August 9, 2007
Some of the downed trees were 100 years old. Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe was quoted as saying the park "looked like it was the site of a World War II artillery battle."

Bay Ridge's Dust Bowl Survived Brooklyn Tornado, August 9, 2007
Fortunately, the tornado veered off before reaching Leif Ericson Park's "dust bowl" ball field, where the parrots live.

Two wild parrots survey the storm damage after the Bay Ridge Tornado, August 9, 2007
I immediately heard parrot calls: here a bird lands on one of the communal nests.

Wild parrot nest in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, shows no sign of tornado damage, August 9, 2007
The parrot nests appear to have survived the tornado with no damage. You can see why these parrots prefer steel pole nests to tree nests!

Wild parrots in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn are active after a freak tornado devastated parts of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, August 9, 2007
I counted about 18 parrots in the area. They appeared to be uninjured and were carrying on normally, foraging, squawking, and doing light nest renovations. The parrots had survived the tornado with nary a ruffled feather!

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