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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Where Are The Brooklyn Parrots?

Three wild monk parakeets converse on their nest on Brooklyn's Avenue I

If you're interested in seeing the birds, your first stop should be Brooklyn College. Take the #2 train (7th Avenue IRT) to the end of the line, walk 1 block Southeast on Hillel Road, and you'll be at Campus Road. On an average day with no subway troubles, you should be able to make the trip from anywhere in midtown Manhattan in an hour or less.

Driving Directions:
Brooklyn College Campus Map

With a current photo ID at the ready, sign in with the courteous security person and you'll receive a Visitor Pass that you should wear on the outside of your clothing. Note: photography is not permitted on the campus without further permission.

Walk through the campus, cross Bedford Avenue and enter Roosevelt Hall - it's building #6 on the map. Your objective is the Athletic Field, and you must walk through Roosevelt Hall to access it. You must go through security again, walk the length of the hall, and exit to your right in order to get to the field.

If the weather is sunny, you'll quickly hear the chattering of multiple monk parrots. Their calls will emanate from the six tall (75-foot) field lighting arrays; if the weather is sunny and temperate, look for groups of them to be on the ground, foraging through the grass for food and building supplies.

I plan to visit the campus each Saturday for the next few weeks. If you'd like to be part of a free organized tour, please send e-mail to


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