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Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Four Wild Quaker parrots on a fence in Brooklyn
Four Brooklyn Parrots talk local politics on a Saturday afternoon in September. is a site run by Steve Baldwin, an author, photographer, multimedia producer, parrot fan and Brooklyn buff who's taken it upon himself to spread the word about what he calls "one of the great natural wonders of New York:" the feral parrots of Brooklyn.

Steve Baldwin runs free Wild Parrot Safaris in Brooklyn each month.
Steve Baldwin illustrates Monk Parakeet Defensive Aerial Combat Techniques. Photo Credit: Amanda Aronczyk

Steve runs free public trips to bring the public to see the parrots whenever he can; these trips happen on Saturdays. If you'd like to be part of one of these outings, please send him e-mail.

He's trying to raise the profile of these magnificent, hard-working, formerly persecuted birds. "I'm amazed at how many people living on the island of Manhattan regard these birds as urban legends", Steve says, "just like the crocodiles once reputed to live in the sewers. But these birds are real, they're thriving and yet they're also endangered. Just across the river, in New Jersey, their classification as a 'dangerous species' makes the periodic confrontations between power companies and these birds very perilous exchanges."

Steve agrees with those who see the Brooklyn parrots not as an evil "invasive species" but as a welcome replacement for the Carolina Parakeet, hunted to extinction almost a century ago. "Frankly, I think these birds deserve to be proclaimed the National Parrot of the USA", Steve says. "They have all of the great qualities we associate with the American character: they're industrious, loyal to each other, they're amazing little engineers, they coexist well with other native birds, and they just won't give up, even when the deck is stacked against them."

In 2006, with the help of students at the Touro Law Clinic, Steve formed the Brooklyn Parrot Society, a non-profit corporation based in the State of New York, to provide the public at large with information about the remarkable wild parrots of Brooklyn.

When he's not watching the parrots, Steve hangs out and harmonizes with The Meetles, New York's premiere underground Beatles tribute band. He has a full-time job with and his title is Editor in Chief. Steve has recently tech edited several books, including Search Engine Advertising (2009), The Truth About Pay-Per-Click Search Advertising (2009), and co-authored The Eyes Have It: How to Market in an Age of Divergent Consumers, Media Chaos and Advertising Anarchy (2007), with Kevin Lee.

You can reach Steve by phone at 347.542.2264

P.S.: Steve is available to present to your bird group or parrot/pet group and has created a multimedia presentation designed to tell the story of the Brooklyn Parrots. If you have an upcoming event and you think that your audience would be interested in learning about the wild parrots of NYC, please give Steve a call.

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